Monday, October 1, 2007

Wheel of Scrabble

I've got some Iron-on letters lying around left over from my Inconceivable hoodie, and they need to be made in to words. So I challenge you to make some phrases and super fun words, with the letters I provide you. Perhaps there will even be a prize in the form of a scarf or some such.

Here are the letters avalible.

A(x3) I(x2) R(x4) Z(x2)
B(x3) J(x2) S(x4)
C(x2) K(x2) T(x4)
D(x2) L(x3) U(x4)
E(x2) M(x2) V(1)
F(x2) O(x3) W(x2)
G(x2) P(x2) X(x2)
H(x2) Q(x2) Y(x2)

Use up as many as possible, and don't worry about how strange or insane you fact crazy might be better. Bonus points for Sci-fi and pop culture reference. And try hard because there will be a knitted prize for people who are smart and can think of awesome quotes/phrases/words/onomatopoeia ect. Just post your ideas as comments, let me know who you are, and leave a way for me to contact you if I don't already know. Feel free to post multiple times.

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