Saturday, April 28, 2007

Frog in a bog.

Aww.... It's a cat in a hat.... anyway, it rained on Tuseday, and snowed a bit, and hailed. Basically it was wet and cold.
It was the perfect type of day to knit and what not, so i started a pair of gloves, and worked on my sweater. It took me all weak to get to my blog, so I just shoved the time-elapse photos into a sideshow. Gloves are almost done, only the tails need tucking, unfortunately hand is child sized, even thought the fingers fit perfectly. I'm going to felt them, so that they shrink a bit, and then ether sell them, or foist them off on a lucky kid.

I also started resizing my t-shirts. this one was gianormas, but now it fits fairly well. I did it all on my sewing machine, and I now understand pesky things like tension, stitch with, and length, and how to thread the needle sixty billion times. I've also named my sewing machine Edna, because I keep getting it confused with the brand (Elna) and it's easier to yell obscenities at an object that has been personified.
And I put patches in to my pants, I put the Pegasus patch on my beige pants but it was too obvious,(deep blue on glaring white+beige=ick) so I'm going to switch it out for the viper patch(blue on harpstring). I learned my lesson with patches last year, when I put Skeleton Jack on a hoodie, off center and couldn't get him off- the lesson is this: iron scrap material on to the back of iron on patches, and sew them on for real, that way they don't fall off, leave stains, or stick permanently.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Best. Weekend. Ever.

Oh snap! I'm in the Denver Post this week, for an article on the fancy tiger! It's probably the best picture of me I've seen in a while, mostly because I forgot about the camera.
Well, I went to Starfest this weekend, so not much was done on my sweater, however I have finished the first half. the challenge now is matching the other side up.
I also got my grandma's sewing machine up and running properly, so I can start on the patchwork quilt I've always wanted. All I need is one of the mats with the rulers on it, and the razor sharp pizza cutter thing, like on the quilt show.
I'm also need to check out a book on altering t-shirts because I got a bunch of free ones from Starfest. I did buy the blue one from last year, the rest I got for free in a bingo game and from the Horrorfest free room.

I talked to Kate Vernon/Ellen Tigh from Battlestar Galactica for about three seconds on Saturday when I was getting coffee. I was a big dork, and said some thing along the lines of: "I know they showed four of the final five, and Starbuck is probably the last one, but I really hope it's you instead!". She just kinda laughed, and said she didn't think so, but thanks. She plays the semi-evil manipulative wife of Col. Saul Tigh the XO. I have a love/hate thing for her character, because on the one hand she drives the plot along, softens her husband up, and is absolutely human; on the other hand, she makes Saul do a bunch of stupid stuff, and she's super selfish. She also reminds me of people who I like right up until the point when they get drunk. I forgot to get a picture with her when we were talking, because I was so excited and hopped up on caffeine, so here is a lame one of her at the autograph booth, and a good shot of her from BSG.
I also ran into Sarah from book club with her chihuahua puppy Nix, and her beau Ryan. She was pimping out OPUS con which comes in May.I got patches for my pants pockets. I wanted a raptor pilot patch to complement the viper patch, but they were kinda lame.
Ever since mom got a Subaru, they seem to pop out at me, even in the most unlikely places.
And check out the working droid! It was zooming down the corridor wicked fast. I had to run to catch it for a photo.
and finally, the random crowd shots.

and some shots from last year too.....

Sunday, April 15, 2007

It came form the Vastly Deep....

Well, I am detail cleaning my room today- opening all the little boxes and dumping every thing on the floor, and so I keep finding missing, and abandoned projects. First off was the yoga socks from my sock drawer. The pattern can also be used to create afterthought heals and toes. That means I can go back and put them in afterward witch is good, because when the heal and toe where out, I can put in new ones and still keep the body of the sock.
Next up we have Clair's penuin. I satarted this last year or possibly the year before...? anyway I had only crocheted the body, and wings, but I couldn't figure out what to do with the face. I also ran out of yarn and couldn't sew on the tail. It was a disaster, not to mention the whole thing was stuffed with socks that had lost their mates. The socks were actually the reason this got finished to day, I was looking for this purple cat-sock and it was driving me nuts, so on a whim, I riped out the top of the bird looking for it, (no luck) and ended up restuffing the thing with polly-fill. Then I forgot about the missing socks and continued finishing the bird. My inspiration came partly from the fact that I now have a better idea of what I'm doing, and partly from watching Happy Feet for the first time, so penguins were on the mind.
I think that the next WIP that I want to finish will be my painted Converses. One side down, three to go....oy vey.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Graphic Novels

I picked up a box for my comics finally, It's taken me almost one year to need one at a rate of about four books a week. I've been keeping them on my book shelf propped up with a CD's, but this is much neater, and easier on the books, so they'll stay in good condition. Sassy was a good cat and helped me sort every thing out by laying on it; then that she decided it would be fun to chew on my labels, bite my fingers, and use the box for a scratching post. Don't worry, no comics were harmed in the making of this blog.

No more tiny rows!

Hazah! I finished seaming the rainbow sweater last night, at Chris & Jerry's house, while we were playing Yahtzee and I sewed the buttons on first thing this morning. I hope to sell this one at the craft fair my mother and her friend are planing for November.Now I'm makeing another doomed foray into crochet with the left over yarn. I can usually make a circle, that gets bigger and smaller, so this will be some sort of ball creature like the parrot.... I'm not really sure what exactly.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Buffy Intarsia, and a puppy

Heres a few intarsia patterns I made up, in case anyone wants them. there not too clear because I did them in my notebook, so if something doesn't make sense, just comment or email me.

Faith's tattooAngel Investigations
"Stylish clothing" or "jiangjiu de fuzhuang" in Chinese.
and finaly a puppy, I've named him Heart, and I recommend giving him button eyes.

Here's a finished picture of the puppy on one of Jacob's baby sweaters.

Stinkin' cell phones....

Well, it was a happy Easter over here, I got a solid white chocolate bunny from Mom, and isn't it adorable? We also went to Cinnamon's house for dinner, and I finally gave her Jacob's other sweater, and luckily he's still to small to even fit in to it(I was worried that it would be too small)
I also began my next spinning project, I'm going alternating between purple and orange, about every five to six feet, and I have about 10 to 12in of overlap between the colours because I love the spiral in between.

and here's the baby sweater that will never ever end. I'm finally at the collar, but I've had to rip it out because I keep working it in StSt instead of garter. Last night I basically gave up on the garter, so we'll see how it looks when its done....I can always rip it out again :)
and here's my sweater, but It's on hold for the week because I forgot my Stitch 'n' bitch at the Fancy Tiger on Tuesday, and I need to start the sleeves next....Hopefully nobody jacked it, and because I wrote all over the inside of it, and who knows what kind of embarrassing notes I left myself? I just keep loosing stuff this week, I left my cell at a pool hall and when I went to go get it the manager was all like "cellphone? we ain't got no stinkin' cell phone!" even though they had call my house with it the night before and left a freaking message! Well after a little scavenger hunt, they found it exactly where it was supost to be- the lost and found- and I got it back.
Also, I rearranged my room again, here it the before pics......
....And the after.....

Friday, April 6, 2007

stary morning

Here's the sweater I was working on last night, it's the skully patten from Stitch 'n' Bitch except I'm doing stars. I'm going to have to pull it out for the third or fourth time, because it is waaaaay too big. I think I'll be alright if I just rework it in the Small size instead of the Medium.

And also here is my next spinning project, aren't these colours just super!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Stary Night...

Ya, I'm hanngin' out, watching BSG, and knitting, but my fingers need a break, so I'm taking this quick test and I got super happy results, because I got my favorite character, Starbuck! Woot! Of course I might have been aiming for that, and I might have fudged my results a little in the end I'm probably more like Apollo. I don't have my camera on me right now, so pictures of my knitting will have to wait till tomorrow.

Lt. Kara Thrace(Starbuck)


Capt. Lee Adama (Apollo)


CPO Galen Tyrol


Commander William Adama


President Laura Roslin


Dr Gaius Baltar


Col. Saul Tigh


Lt. Sharon Valerii (Boomer/Athena)


Number 6


Tom Zarek


Sunday, April 1, 2007

Clean room!

Well, today was hectic, we had book club(Crazy in the Kitchen), and a dinner with a bunch of mom's friends and there itty bitty kids. It was the perfect motivation for me to FINALY clean my room. After all that cleaning, I was feeling crafty, but not in a string's and thing's kind of way, so I had my dad help me build a knitty-noddy. It's not perfect, because it measures 52in around instead of 36, but whatever, a little math never killed anyone.....that I know of anyway. The noddy itself is made from a plunger handle and an old fence post.

Here is the Dino with eyes, he looks much cuter, and a bird I crocheted a while ago. The bird is stuffed with dryer sheets, and unmatched socks, because I was too cheap to go buy a four dollar bag of polly-fill.....just nod your head like you understand. and finally, I have the name tag I'm working on for the Fancy Tiger Tuesday craft night. I'm also going to embroider my name in Greek and Chinese.