Sunday, April 22, 2007

Best. Weekend. Ever.

Oh snap! I'm in the Denver Post this week, for an article on the fancy tiger! It's probably the best picture of me I've seen in a while, mostly because I forgot about the camera.
Well, I went to Starfest this weekend, so not much was done on my sweater, however I have finished the first half. the challenge now is matching the other side up.
I also got my grandma's sewing machine up and running properly, so I can start on the patchwork quilt I've always wanted. All I need is one of the mats with the rulers on it, and the razor sharp pizza cutter thing, like on the quilt show.
I'm also need to check out a book on altering t-shirts because I got a bunch of free ones from Starfest. I did buy the blue one from last year, the rest I got for free in a bingo game and from the Horrorfest free room.

I talked to Kate Vernon/Ellen Tigh from Battlestar Galactica for about three seconds on Saturday when I was getting coffee. I was a big dork, and said some thing along the lines of: "I know they showed four of the final five, and Starbuck is probably the last one, but I really hope it's you instead!". She just kinda laughed, and said she didn't think so, but thanks. She plays the semi-evil manipulative wife of Col. Saul Tigh the XO. I have a love/hate thing for her character, because on the one hand she drives the plot along, softens her husband up, and is absolutely human; on the other hand, she makes Saul do a bunch of stupid stuff, and she's super selfish. She also reminds me of people who I like right up until the point when they get drunk. I forgot to get a picture with her when we were talking, because I was so excited and hopped up on caffeine, so here is a lame one of her at the autograph booth, and a good shot of her from BSG.
I also ran into Sarah from book club with her chihuahua puppy Nix, and her beau Ryan. She was pimping out OPUS con which comes in May.I got patches for my pants pockets. I wanted a raptor pilot patch to complement the viper patch, but they were kinda lame.
Ever since mom got a Subaru, they seem to pop out at me, even in the most unlikely places.
And check out the working droid! It was zooming down the corridor wicked fast. I had to run to catch it for a photo.
and finally, the random crowd shots.

and some shots from last year too.....

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