Sunday, April 15, 2007

It came form the Vastly Deep....

Well, I am detail cleaning my room today- opening all the little boxes and dumping every thing on the floor, and so I keep finding missing, and abandoned projects. First off was the yoga socks from my sock drawer. The pattern can also be used to create afterthought heals and toes. That means I can go back and put them in afterward witch is good, because when the heal and toe where out, I can put in new ones and still keep the body of the sock.
Next up we have Clair's penuin. I satarted this last year or possibly the year before...? anyway I had only crocheted the body, and wings, but I couldn't figure out what to do with the face. I also ran out of yarn and couldn't sew on the tail. It was a disaster, not to mention the whole thing was stuffed with socks that had lost their mates. The socks were actually the reason this got finished to day, I was looking for this purple cat-sock and it was driving me nuts, so on a whim, I riped out the top of the bird looking for it, (no luck) and ended up restuffing the thing with polly-fill. Then I forgot about the missing socks and continued finishing the bird. My inspiration came partly from the fact that I now have a better idea of what I'm doing, and partly from watching Happy Feet for the first time, so penguins were on the mind.
I think that the next WIP that I want to finish will be my painted Converses. One side down, three to go....oy vey.

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