Friday, April 13, 2007

Stinkin' cell phones....

Well, it was a happy Easter over here, I got a solid white chocolate bunny from Mom, and isn't it adorable? We also went to Cinnamon's house for dinner, and I finally gave her Jacob's other sweater, and luckily he's still to small to even fit in to it(I was worried that it would be too small)
I also began my next spinning project, I'm going alternating between purple and orange, about every five to six feet, and I have about 10 to 12in of overlap between the colours because I love the spiral in between.

and here's the baby sweater that will never ever end. I'm finally at the collar, but I've had to rip it out because I keep working it in StSt instead of garter. Last night I basically gave up on the garter, so we'll see how it looks when its done....I can always rip it out again :)
and here's my sweater, but It's on hold for the week because I forgot my Stitch 'n' bitch at the Fancy Tiger on Tuesday, and I need to start the sleeves next....Hopefully nobody jacked it, and because I wrote all over the inside of it, and who knows what kind of embarrassing notes I left myself? I just keep loosing stuff this week, I left my cell at a pool hall and when I went to go get it the manager was all like "cellphone? we ain't got no stinkin' cell phone!" even though they had call my house with it the night before and left a freaking message! Well after a little scavenger hunt, they found it exactly where it was supost to be- the lost and found- and I got it back.
Also, I rearranged my room again, here it the before pics......
....And the after.....

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