Saturday, April 28, 2007

Frog in a bog.

Aww.... It's a cat in a hat.... anyway, it rained on Tuseday, and snowed a bit, and hailed. Basically it was wet and cold.
It was the perfect type of day to knit and what not, so i started a pair of gloves, and worked on my sweater. It took me all weak to get to my blog, so I just shoved the time-elapse photos into a sideshow. Gloves are almost done, only the tails need tucking, unfortunately hand is child sized, even thought the fingers fit perfectly. I'm going to felt them, so that they shrink a bit, and then ether sell them, or foist them off on a lucky kid.

I also started resizing my t-shirts. this one was gianormas, but now it fits fairly well. I did it all on my sewing machine, and I now understand pesky things like tension, stitch with, and length, and how to thread the needle sixty billion times. I've also named my sewing machine Edna, because I keep getting it confused with the brand (Elna) and it's easier to yell obscenities at an object that has been personified.
And I put patches in to my pants, I put the Pegasus patch on my beige pants but it was too obvious,(deep blue on glaring white+beige=ick) so I'm going to switch it out for the viper patch(blue on harpstring). I learned my lesson with patches last year, when I put Skeleton Jack on a hoodie, off center and couldn't get him off- the lesson is this: iron scrap material on to the back of iron on patches, and sew them on for real, that way they don't fall off, leave stains, or stick permanently.

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