Sunday, April 1, 2007

Clean room!

Well, today was hectic, we had book club(Crazy in the Kitchen), and a dinner with a bunch of mom's friends and there itty bitty kids. It was the perfect motivation for me to FINALY clean my room. After all that cleaning, I was feeling crafty, but not in a string's and thing's kind of way, so I had my dad help me build a knitty-noddy. It's not perfect, because it measures 52in around instead of 36, but whatever, a little math never killed anyone.....that I know of anyway. The noddy itself is made from a plunger handle and an old fence post.

Here is the Dino with eyes, he looks much cuter, and a bird I crocheted a while ago. The bird is stuffed with dryer sheets, and unmatched socks, because I was too cheap to go buy a four dollar bag of polly-fill.....just nod your head like you understand. and finally, I have the name tag I'm working on for the Fancy Tiger Tuesday craft night. I'm also going to embroider my name in Greek and Chinese.

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