Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Wooooo! Bionic Woman rocks! Katee Sackhoff is Hot!, Michelle Ryan is growing on me, and why did nobody tell me that Aaron Douglas and Mark Sheppard were in it too? I was all OMFG! Chief Tyrol! Badger/Baltar's lawyer! That's three Battlestar Galactica stars!
What I want to know, is could Jamie+Sarah have any more subtext in the bar scene? Could Katee's hair+makeup look more butch(mullet+cake of eyeshadow=smeared lipstick)? Could the writers give Katee worse dialog, and could she be more sarcastic about it?And could Jamie get any more Emo?

I predict season 2 will see Jamie spontaneously rejecting her implants, via a nefarious plot by that white haired chick(see below), who I kept getting confused with Starbuck. Oh wait, they did that on Dark Angel, which BTW, also had an evil blond chick. Is blond like the new chic evil look or something?
Anyway, the only thing that can keep me from this show is English class....and the teacher seems to have the same taste as me, so I can foresee us getting out at 7:30, 7:45 on a regular basis, with just enough time to get home. I missed the first act when I was on my way home, so tear, but they should have it online like Heroes....or an encore....or a huge mail box for me to send angry mail to, until they do have it online. What I wanna know is why the hell Ellen Degeneres isn't pimping the hell out of this thing, the way she's doing Heroes.

Other new shows.....
Kid nation:looks like summer camp to me
Chuck: funny, it has Adam Baldwin of Firefly fame(the man they call Jayne!)
Heroes: makes me love cheerleaders, and Hero and swords.
Journyman: Tru Calling+Early Edition
Reaper: havn't seen it yet, but It's got Missy Peregrym
. I'm thinking Dead Like Me+ Tru Calling+Buffy
Aliens in America: Why didn't we wright this? Without the religious shit?
Pushing Daisies: again, DLM+TC+Ghost Whisper
Angel+CSI+Supernatural+Laura Hamilton= emo show from hell.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Cozy and warm.

Well, I'm officially giving up on the Fetching gloves, and have just done them up minus the cable. Without the cable they only took like 4hours. I still have plenty of yarn left over from them, so I'll try again next time I need a simple project to take with me somewhere. I did these up last night at the Mercury Slam. It was tiny! Only three poets! I haven't gone in forever, so it was nice to fall back into that pattern, but I prefer it when it's super crowded, and there's more poets than you can shake a stick at.

In another insane attempt to make winter come early, and to help quench my thirst for snowboarding, I am designing a snowboard condom cozy.
Here's my new board, and the trial nose cover. I knitted it up on sz19's with four strands. It took forever to wined the yarn back on it's self twice. I think version 2.0 will call for 2skins of superbulky redheart in a way cooler colour, and smaller needles... like 15 or 17. I really liked the fake seam that I added at the last minuet, and the 'whoosh' edging on the bottom. The final goal of this is to add straps so that I can carry my board to the car easier, and cover the edges so that I don't have to worry about them when I take it on the bus to Eldora.
I'm still working away on the dragon shawl, I'm on row 57/300, not including the boarder. There's about 45000 stitches in the body, not counting all of the stitches that I add, and then knit together, and also still not counting the boarder. Right now I've knitted about 1600 sts, so theres only 43400sts to go! So right now it looks like a tiny complicated mess. As soon as I finish the fist page of pattern(row 81ish), I'll block it out on the needles so that you can see just how far I'm not.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Kitty Kitty, Meow Meow

Weeee! My yarn finally came in! So I spent all weekend starting it, and look how far I am! Ok, so that's not very far at all(there's 10 pages of chart) but weee! still excited!

We went camping this weekend, and look what we saw! A cat! Who's ever hears of a camping cat? Anyway, tommy boy was sooooo cute. and cuddly. and came when called. He also keep trying to get in my tent. So, so cute. I wish we could get Sassy to do this.

Friday, September 14, 2007


I've been fretting all day on weather or not to return some ill fitting cloths, and then go buy yarn. I had just decided that no I would not, I would save the cash, but then Lamb Shope called and YA!!! yarn is finally in!!!! so, I'm gonna go spend cash'ola on yarn. Squee! gotta catch the bus now!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Inside and Out

Nope, your not seeing double, it's just me messing around in photo shop. The picture is of one project, two views. on one side is the brown the other purple. I'm using Double Stockinette stitch, Witch is two strands of yarn knit as either McK1, CbP1*; or as K1 Sl1p* one round, P1 Sl1p* one round. I think I made up the second way but it's easer for me than a K1,P1, which bugs me even when I don't have to change colours.

Anyway, this is a picture of a pair of mitts I'm going to make. All I'm gonna say is that it involves Steeks, and don't be surprised if you never here of it again, because it's my very own brain child, and that leaves a lot of room for error. But I'm pretty confidant all will be well. So cross your fingers for me.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

thinking cap

Well here's a hat. It's gray alpaca that I spun myself, and blue wool that I spun when the alpaca ran out because I spun it too thick. The picture is of me sideways because I'm using mirrors to get the shot. eh...still dead on the knitting front. and the spinning....I intend to try to ply tomorrow on a drop spindle so that will be entertaining.

I'm going to go surf the knitting blogs now...I need inspiration...or a suporrt groop....only two days till Tuesday craft night, and I haven't been in weeks, and this is my last chance till mid October because of the karate classes. If someone trys to stop me, I might just stab them- with my OOOO's so that it doesn't leave a mark(don't ask how I know, just think OW!)