Sunday, September 2, 2007

thinking cap

Well here's a hat. It's gray alpaca that I spun myself, and blue wool that I spun when the alpaca ran out because I spun it too thick. The picture is of me sideways because I'm using mirrors to get the shot. eh...still dead on the knitting front. and the spinning....I intend to try to ply tomorrow on a drop spindle so that will be entertaining.

I'm going to go surf the knitting blogs now...I need inspiration...or a suporrt groop....only two days till Tuesday craft night, and I haven't been in weeks, and this is my last chance till mid October because of the karate classes. If someone trys to stop me, I might just stab them- with my OOOO's so that it doesn't leave a mark(don't ask how I know, just think OW!)

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