Monday, September 24, 2007

Cozy and warm.

Well, I'm officially giving up on the Fetching gloves, and have just done them up minus the cable. Without the cable they only took like 4hours. I still have plenty of yarn left over from them, so I'll try again next time I need a simple project to take with me somewhere. I did these up last night at the Mercury Slam. It was tiny! Only three poets! I haven't gone in forever, so it was nice to fall back into that pattern, but I prefer it when it's super crowded, and there's more poets than you can shake a stick at.

In another insane attempt to make winter come early, and to help quench my thirst for snowboarding, I am designing a snowboard condom cozy.
Here's my new board, and the trial nose cover. I knitted it up on sz19's with four strands. It took forever to wined the yarn back on it's self twice. I think version 2.0 will call for 2skins of superbulky redheart in a way cooler colour, and smaller needles... like 15 or 17. I really liked the fake seam that I added at the last minuet, and the 'whoosh' edging on the bottom. The final goal of this is to add straps so that I can carry my board to the car easier, and cover the edges so that I don't have to worry about them when I take it on the bus to Eldora.
I'm still working away on the dragon shawl, I'm on row 57/300, not including the boarder. There's about 45000 stitches in the body, not counting all of the stitches that I add, and then knit together, and also still not counting the boarder. Right now I've knitted about 1600 sts, so theres only 43400sts to go! So right now it looks like a tiny complicated mess. As soon as I finish the fist page of pattern(row 81ish), I'll block it out on the needles so that you can see just how far I'm not.

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