Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Wooooo! Bionic Woman rocks! Katee Sackhoff is Hot!, Michelle Ryan is growing on me, and why did nobody tell me that Aaron Douglas and Mark Sheppard were in it too? I was all OMFG! Chief Tyrol! Badger/Baltar's lawyer! That's three Battlestar Galactica stars!
What I want to know, is could Jamie+Sarah have any more subtext in the bar scene? Could Katee's hair+makeup look more butch(mullet+cake of eyeshadow=smeared lipstick)? Could the writers give Katee worse dialog, and could she be more sarcastic about it?And could Jamie get any more Emo?

I predict season 2 will see Jamie spontaneously rejecting her implants, via a nefarious plot by that white haired chick(see below), who I kept getting confused with Starbuck. Oh wait, they did that on Dark Angel, which BTW, also had an evil blond chick. Is blond like the new chic evil look or something?
Anyway, the only thing that can keep me from this show is English class....and the teacher seems to have the same taste as me, so I can foresee us getting out at 7:30, 7:45 on a regular basis, with just enough time to get home. I missed the first act when I was on my way home, so tear, but they should have it online like Heroes....or an encore....or a huge mail box for me to send angry mail to, until they do have it online. What I wanna know is why the hell Ellen Degeneres isn't pimping the hell out of this thing, the way she's doing Heroes.

Other new shows.....
Kid nation:looks like summer camp to me
Chuck: funny, it has Adam Baldwin of Firefly fame(the man they call Jayne!)
Heroes: makes me love cheerleaders, and Hero and swords.
Journyman: Tru Calling+Early Edition
Reaper: havn't seen it yet, but It's got Missy Peregrym
. I'm thinking Dead Like Me+ Tru Calling+Buffy
Aliens in America: Why didn't we wright this? Without the religious shit?
Pushing Daisies: again, DLM+TC+Ghost Whisper
Angel+CSI+Supernatural+Laura Hamilton= emo show from hell.

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