Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Inside and Out

Nope, your not seeing double, it's just me messing around in photo shop. The picture is of one project, two views. on one side is the brown the other purple. I'm using Double Stockinette stitch, Witch is two strands of yarn knit as either McK1, CbP1*; or as K1 Sl1p* one round, P1 Sl1p* one round. I think I made up the second way but it's easer for me than a K1,P1, which bugs me even when I don't have to change colours.

Anyway, this is a picture of a pair of mitts I'm going to make. All I'm gonna say is that it involves Steeks, and don't be surprised if you never here of it again, because it's my very own brain child, and that leaves a lot of room for error. But I'm pretty confidant all will be well. So cross your fingers for me.

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