Monday, February 11, 2008

There must be some kind of way out of here; said the joker to the thief

So until I get a my own camera to match my new computer, the posts are gonna be picture-less for awhile.

My current project is a HAT ATTACK hat. HAT ATTACK is a knitting game where I knit a hat, send it to someone and they DIE(but not really). At the same time, someone else is knitting a hat to kill me, and someone is trying to kill them, and so on and so forth.

I got up at 6:20 on Saturday, to get the pattern as soon as it came out, and now I'm wishing that I'd just slept in. My rarely apparent perfectionist side has clashed with my dyslexia, and now I'm on my fourth version of the hat. I need to finish before tomorrow or else I'm hosed.

In other news, school has taken over my life and I'm lucky if I can finish a few stitches on a sampler, let alone a hat, or socks with really freaking small yarn. I can't believe how out of control all of my craft stuff is. Just looking at the SE conner of my room makes me cringe. It's just one huge pile of sewing, and kitting and spinning that are taunting me. And I can't get rid of any of it because I might need it someday. stupid pack rat tendencies

What I really want to do is knit and felt a bag for my laptop. I have the most awesome pattern picked out too, but I swore I wasn't going to buy any yarn until I had finished what I have (except HAT ATTACK). Right now that means one HAT ATTACK, one pair of socks on freakishly small needles with a retarded lace pattern, one pair ofalmost done mittens, and the DRAGON SHAWL, which I had to restart. I think that I can do it if I just finish the hat and mitts, restart the sock and work them in STST in class, and set aside a half hour everyday for the shawl....and when at least 2 things get done I'll start the laptop bag as a reward, and when three things get done, I'll justify getting the KnitPicks Interchangeable needles.

uhhh... ya. that's all fokes.
(ps, Sarah Connor Chronicles ROCK!!!!!)

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