Sunday, March 9, 2008

Incredible One-try Longtail Cast-on

I have figured out the Incredible, One-try Longtail Cast-on! That's right folks, I got 176st on to the needles in one try how did I manage this incredible trick? It's simple! Just follow the steps below:
First you need your tail, I like shorter tails, but for safety's sake you should make the tail a little longer than you normaly would. It's no fun to get to the last 6 stitches and realize that your going to be short, or that your tail is only 2cm long. This happens a lot when people stretch the yarn out while measuring, so be careful.
In this case the tail is about 8in, although I normally prefer a 4in or 5in tail (it was a good thing I pulled it long too, if you look at my finished cast on the tail is about 2.5 in.)
Tie a slipknot at the top of your tail, and put something in it to keep it from slipping out (scrap yarn , toothpicks, and sporks work well). Next, wrap the yarn LOOSELY around the bodypart, object, whatever, 3 times, OR just once, and then double the yarn back on itself twice (like an "N"). You need 3times the Circumference of the Object to cast on, so if my hand 7in around, I'm going to need 21in of yarn to cast-on, plus tail.

(O*C)+t=perfect cast-on

At the top of your perfectly measured out long-tail, tie a slipknot onto your needle, and cast-on with the longtail cast on. It's amazing how much time and frogging you save yourself!

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