Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dogs Can't Look Up.

'lo everyone- all three of you- and welcome back to another sporattic addition of my blog. I'm currently digesting a large bowl of cereal, and eying the cheesecake-cupcake in front of me. I wish that I had a camera so that you could wish that you were having what I'm having. mmm.... blackberry and strawberry topping....

Anyway if you haven't been to the Shoppe yet your missing out, cupcakes, coffee, cereal, boardgames, cartoons on a flat screen, and cute Japanese toys- what more could you want(other than a bigger stomach and infinitely fast metabolism)?

yes people I am still knitting, if I remember, I'll take pictures when I get home, current projects are Rouge Hoodie(1/2done), b-day socks(3months late 3/4done), green giant strip-afghan just begun, and a stack of roveing that needs to be spun(it's not stash, it's pre-stash!) I also have to put one more thumb on my thrummed mittens, and restart that goddamm dragon shawl.

mmm.... cheesecake...

I also have a half finished pair of refurbished Converse shoes that I'm working on, but I need oil for the machine, because it's slowing down badly, and that's the only thing I can think to fix it.

While searching for The Shoppe today I found a new Comic book store that had a much better feel to it than Mile-high, it's more skeezy and homey at the same time.

anyway that's all I can think of for now, please remember to send me $$$ for no reason, and if you really love me you'll get me a puppy/angora rabbit/kitten/all of the above.

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