Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bug off! you little buggers!

I had a not so pleasant surprise while cleaning my room today, my wool stash had little larva in it!! eww! I freaked out and scoured the internet for advice. most blogs advise freezing the stash in ziplock bags, which sounds alright, but I was more interested in prevention. There are several herbs and spices that bugs are known to avoid, so I went through the kitchen an gathered as many as I could. I also needed something to put them in, but I don't have any lace or mesh material at hand, so instead I invented Stash Tea.

Stash Tea
for keeping bugs out of your wool, and making it smell nice.

Coffee filters
sewing machine
markers, crayons ect.

herbs and spices:

ceder chips

If you don't have all of the herbs listed, don't worry. Just use what you have on hand, or whats available in your super market. Also be sure to check for allergies.

Mix about a table spoon of H&S into your coffee filter, adjusting for supply (IE. if you have a lot of basil and just a bit of sage, use more basil)

sew the top of the coffee filter shut with a skinny zig-zag stitch.

fold the rest of the packet in to interesting shapes and sew the ceases, or cut off the extra paper.

decorate with ribon and markers, or whatever else is at hand, and your done!

Eta: the cameras have been absconded by my mother, so there's no pictures for at least a week :(

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