Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Pattern is High Street Messenger Bag by Amy Butler

This bag took me about 3days to make. I got all the materials from Fancy Tiger except the snap which I alredy had.

This is the inside of my AWESOME bag. It's got pen holes and everything!

The inside pocket of the bag hangs on a flap, so it can flp out for easy access. This is my favorite part of the bag. In the bottom left corner of the flap is a darker square. In the original pattern that was just negative space,but I decided that a coin pocket would be good and added a 4th zipper pocket. The zipper was cannibalized from the fly of my favorite pair of pants from a few years back, that unfortunately wore out beyond all repair in the butt.

This is the back of the bag, I find it to be very exciting in that the picture came out clearly. that is all.

This is the first time I ever used a Zipper foot. It was awesome, there's all sorts of things that you can do with a zipper foot. Not only is a zipper foot good at zippers, it's also great for making sharp edges on the edge of the material. Almost as sharp as store bought stuff, only my hands made it sort of wobbly .

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  1. Wonderful job! Love the fabric, the pattern, everthing!
    I forgot how much fun sewing can be.