Thursday, July 23, 2009

Flirty Skirty

so for work I have 3 choices for what to wear, black pants, kaki pants or a skirt. So I made some skirts. I have 3 done so far, though I only have pictures of two. Above is the second one I made with the Amy Butler Barcelona pattern. I chose it simply because I love the way David Tennant says "Barcelona"(1:o9seconds).

Above is the Barcelona skirt just barely pined together on the left side. I'm currently using the floor for a cutting table and it sucks. I hope someone donated a good table to work soon so that I can trash my cruddy too small desk.Above is the fist skirt I made, the Amy Butler A-line that also comes with the Barcelona skirt pattern I like it, but I have to learn how to make darts because it is a little too big.

below my mom is holding up the Log Cabin quilt I'm working on. I stole the pattern from The Yarn Harlot, but the yarn it's made of has been intended for a blanket for a looooooooong time. Currently it the blanket is too big and hot to work on efectively in the summer.

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