Friday, September 11, 2009

introducing MR. KNITTYKNOME!!!!

So I finished some socks. The yarn is actually three different sock yarns, all of which were pathetic on their own, so I spun them into a SuperYarnCakeOfDoom. The resulting 3ply was awesome.

At work I found a gnome, his name is KnittyKnome, and his greatest ambition is to take over the world using only string. Here he is helping me through a bit of a snag, the yarn he's working on is some of the yarn used in the socks pictured above.
and here is Mr. KnittyKnome working on his first scarf. Like many of my friends, I introduced him to knitting with chopsticks. Manly because I couldn't find my sz9 DPNs for him to work with.
Also I've begun making wallets using scraps. so far there's five.
this is the most recent and complicated one. It has a zipper salvaged from a pair of pants, and my very first button hole. All of the fabricsclothng it features come from FancyTigerCraft

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  1. I like your gnome. He appeals to me. Where does one acquire a gnome, anyway?

    I also love your wallets. Lots.