Saturday, June 9, 2007

International Knit in Public Day

bored now... I've been out all day KIPing (Knitting In Public) with folks from the Fancy Tiger, and City 'o' City. I'm exhausted now, because I woke up first thing to babysit for two hours this morning, and then hauled butt up to the farmers market in Cherry Creek for the first event of the day. Only four of us showed up, which was fine because chairs were scare (I ended up on the ground anyway).
After that, I swung by the bank, and then continued on my way to the next spot, the benches in front of the art museum. There was a radio station out there so we had (awful)music, and also a lot of people meandering around some sort of colouring tables that were set up. People kept asking us if someone was teaching a class, or if we were a regular group (like stitch&bitch).
After all that excitement, we adjured to Cityo'o'city for vegan pizza with tofu sausage, and the best onion rings I've had in awhile. We had a long chat about how the most depressing books in a book store are in the Young Adult section, and how people from Toronto are apparently rather stuck up(not that I would know). And of course there was the usual chatter about what cast-on was better, what projects were haunting us, and how milk protein needles are awesome, except for the taste(although no one would actually admit to putting them in there mouth).
My project for the day was of course, Jamie's sock. I re-turned the heal (it was crooked) and finished the insole. All that's left is the toe, and that should take an hour or less in the morning. My love of socks, however, suddenly includes lace, and this evening, I took a break from Jamie's sock to start one for me, while I wandered around downtown, and LoDo with this evening.
I am using the jewel of my stash, a wonderful rainbow wool. This yarn, is the yarn that has mocked me for almost a year now. I first purchased it about a year ago, on my first trip it the Shivering Sheep, and it has taught me two things: 1.) yarn can get very, very, expensive, and 2.) if you don't know what your going to do with it, you'll end up afraid to use it.
I have used this yarn once before to make a cellphone cozy, for my mother's Christmas present, and at one time there was a baby booty on the needles(which has since been frogged for mocking me), and now I'm afraid that I won't have enough for even two ankle socks (I'm aiming for mid calf!). Lucky I happened to notice some skeins of it at the Lamb Shoppe, so if worst comes to worst I can get more, although I doubt it's the same dye-lot.

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