Sunday, June 17, 2007


I forgot the camera on the counter today, witch really, really sucked, because I went to the Estes Wool Mart. It was awesome, there were sheep(smelly! and loud!), goats(kinda scary and also smelly) llamas(smelly, and huge), angora rabbits(so cute!) and my favorite, alpaca! It was quite odvious that the alpacas were the best of all the animals. I they didn't make annoying noise like goats and sheep, didn't smell up there tent, charge at you(like the goats), chew up your stuff(goats and bunnies) or spit on you(llama). The alpacas were just shy and cute, and begging me to get an acre of land so I could take them home and love them for ever and ever....

Aside from the lovely alpacas there were oodles of things to buy. When we went to the dealers barn one woman exclaimed "Hold on to your wallets ladies!", and boy oh boy she was right! I just barely managed to keep to budget, and away from the pretty yarns. I got roving, and some new buttons for my hat, and that was it. However, there was sooooo much stuff, that I wanted, I can't help but recheck my bag over and over, hoping stuff will just magically appear... heh, ya right.
Since it was a long drive to Estes, I brought my knitting and I managed to get from here....
To here! All finished! The heal might need a little work, but I want to get the other one all started first. Unfortunately, I lost one of my knitting needles somewhere, so my set of five is now four :(
And finaly here's a picture of Sassy, sulking because I took her to get groomed, and waiting for everyone to come home from vacation. She showed me how much she loved her hair cut last night, by throwing up all over the end of my bed. Gee... cat, thanks.

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  1. Gee, she sure is sulking!! Take some classes and you might just put yourself a step closer to that half acre with a few alpacas!