Sunday, July 8, 2007

zombies munched my brain

Eh....I'm in this odd sort of limbo waiting for the shawl yarn to come in (STILL!!!!) and I can't seem to get inspired by anything. Sigh..... I'm working on the cabled mitts again which is kinda hard seeing as they've lost me one of my favorite needles, and both of my small cable needles. Also I'm having trouble getting them to fit my skinny writs snugly, but not cut off the circulation in my fingers.

I've also just lost my large crochet hook, while working on a bag made of scrap yarn....this is inspired my my reluctance to return to my bag'o'bags. This is a bag, made up of other bags cut to ribbons and then knit together into a new creation. It just takes a bleeding long time to cut up each bag, and then knit each bit of ribbon and weave in the ends. gah.

So mostly I've been spinning, and thats going well. However I really want a tiny lace weight spindle, and the only place I know to get one is Shuttles, Spindles, and Skeins in Boulder. And thats a three hour round trip that I just don't feel like taking in this heat. grr....

I've begun watching Deadwood on DVD, it's all right, although Calamity Jane is portrayed as the village idiot which is off-putting, and all of the other women are drug addicts and/or prostitutes so thats not very encouraging. for contrast I picked up BSG again, and I'm listening to the podcasts. Katee Shackhoff and Edward James Olmos just never get boring.

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