Monday, June 4, 2007

My yarn is problematic.

Well, I've abandoned the toe-sock idea, at least for now. At the rate I'm going I just want to get to the heal-flap before Tuesday night. I finally got some roving, but now I think I need more, because at the store I was like "Pink and Blue! how pretty!". Then I got home and was and wondered what the hell I was thinking. Its so cliché it's ugly, because pink and blue have been pounded into my head a baby colours. So later this week I'm going to pick up some black(for the pink) and green(to go with the blue).
I'm currently trying to untangle this mess. the green was just as bad, and took me three hours to undo while I was watching Ms. Henderson Presents. Grrr... I was going to do striped socks with these colours, but that was before I saw this awesome dragon shawl. Although trying to do it in two colours might just kill me. Also, If you've had trouble trying to leave a comment previously(it's telling you that you have to login) I've fixed that, so you should have no trouble.

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  1. Because you know that I am always looking for projects above my skill leavel, Do you think that I could make the dragon shawl? Probubly not but whats the patern for it. I clicked on the words and just found a picture. And scince youv'e gotten me to use patterns I don't think I remember how to just improvise.