Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm just gonna lie here and be ironical.

Hoo-boy. I hate new bikes. hate them. hate them. hate them.
I took the new bike my dad got this weekend out for a bit of a test ride. On the way there it was fine, but the whole time I kept thinking "damn these brakes are tight, gee I should stop and loosen them." heh, ya, the key word in this sentence is should. So I'm crusin' down to fancy tiger, to get some roving, when this guy walks out in front of me. I hit the brakes, miss the guy, and cruse along the sidewalk on my elbow. yes ow. and yes, several expletives were issued, and quiet poetical if I do say so myself. Lucky i was infront of Minager's (an art supply store), and they gave me lovely band-aids and water. I'll get them a card and candy of some sort.

But no worries. I am mostly unharmed ('twas but a flesh wound!). I just called Alex, went home, and enjoyed my comics. Then, in an effort to convince myself that pain is objective, I watched Million Dollar Baby for the second time, and cried like a baby, just like the last time I watched that movie. Jeez they did a good job with that film, the last time I cried at the movies, I was like, seven.

Mom just walked in, and being the totally awesome person that she is, (and that we should all aspire to be), she brought me some Tofutsies yarn! and a cute note from Jamie.

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  1. Haven't I told you a thousand times that bikes are evil. I think we should have a discussion on your blog. Which is better bikes or cars.:)