Thursday, May 24, 2007

tippy toes

Hee! toe socks! I got some awesome sock yarn form Jamie in exchange for knitting her a display sock for her shop. The yarn is so finely spun, and soft, that it is perfect for toe-socks!!!!! I've got all the toes cast on, and now I've just got to knit up. Yee! I'm so excited! The yarn, Tofutsies, is partly spun from shrimp and crab shells, I kid you not(it also has wool and cotton). Also I finished my previous pair of socks, and wore them all day yesterday, because it was cold and my wool socks are oh-so-warm.
I has a bit of fun this morning, ironing letters onto my hoodie. It says "inconceivable", as in "You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means."I'm still spinning out the llama, it's taking awhile because it's so hot, and my hands get all sweaty, but it drafts out very nicely. I also learned a new technique from a girl at The Lamb Shoppe; when I spin my yarn counterclockwise I should flick it clockwise. it spins up so much more evenly and a lot thiner. I have no idea what I'm going to knit with it when it done beccause it's rather bulky and llama is very hot. Prehaps a pair of felted slippers....
Everyone meet my new pet....he doesn't have a name because I couldn't think of a good one fast enough, and now I'm scarred that if I do name him, it won't fit, and the Angel of Death will come by and flush him. but he's very beautiful, you can't tell by the picture, but he's mostly purple.

P.S. you all should leave me a comment, and let me know if anyone out there is listening to me, because I honestly can' t tell if I'm talking to myself or not. Here I'll make it easy for you, you can answer a question that's been bothering me all week: If your glass is half full/empty, what is it half full/empty of?

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  1. I liked the name Magic Marker, remember the orginal name you came up with. In case you couldn't figure it out this Emma finally leaveing a comment on your blog. And because I'm in a mood, the glass is half empty. Or, acutally, the glass represents your life, so in essence what's in the glass is your spirit. Scince your are slowly dying from the moment that your are born the glass is that many years empty. So my glass is 21 years empty. Hows that for answering an easy question in the most complicated and philisophical way I know how.