Monday, May 14, 2007

Who hoots?

Hoot, hoot! Wow, it's been a super busy week. I finished off this super fun owl, last night for the Fancy Tiger KAO(knit along on). On Tuesday, Emma and I went to Fancy Tiger, She worked on her purse, and I untangled a massive ball of yarn, grrr. On Wednesday, I picked up my comics, (Y: the last man! yay!) and I went to a double craft night at City 'o' City. Jamie from Fancy Tiger, always has a minor craft night there on Wednesdays, and the Denver chapter of Stitch 'n' Bitch just happened to meet there too. I managed to finish the insole and calf of my sock. unfortunately, I bound off the heal-hole way too tight, so I ended up pulling it out last night, and reworking it.
I also made a yarn-ball bag on Edna. It has a draw string, and a rope-clip, and everything. It works great for dragging around socks. Speaking of, I wanted my heal and toe to be red, so I dyed the leftover blue with kool-aid yesterday morning, and I'm realy happy with it.
Scince I've been spinning so much yarn lately, I've pulled a few skins together, and created my own line of hand spun yarn. I call it Soko is loco and it has a Kangaroo for a mascot.

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