Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Coolness at craft night

T'was awesome last night at craft night, we were talking about shawls and how my stupid yarn was taking forever to ship in, when I mentioned this gorgeous shawl that I wanted to make. I was describing it, and the lady asked me what book it was in. So I told her it was "Folk Shawls". She pointed to the woman next to her, and lo' and behold it was Cheryl Oberle the author! Ain't that cool!

Also, I started and finished off another baby sweater, and started a blanket with the scrap yarn I've accumulated. It's fairly simple, I just knit 333stitches, then switch colours, and knit back leaving a long tail. I'm also working a pair of socks still, and I've got second sock syndrome so there taking a long while.

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