Friday, March 23, 2007

Because it never comes out right the first time.

Well. I was so pleased with my yarn dyeing until Emma came over yesterday, and she pointed out the obvious, as soon a you started poking at the yarn, you could see a bunch of white. So here's the yarn all untied and pulled apart, it now looks like a broken candy cane.

So I turned it inside out and fluffed it up a bit, and retied it.......
....and back in to the pot it goes with the left over packet of koolaid.... .....but I think I need more, there are still massive white spots. :(
So I hung it up outside, and now I'm going to go get like 2 more packets, try again, and after that I give up! On a happier note, I'm almost done with Emma's first dinosaur. This will be a stegosaurus.And it's a beautiful day out side so I'm gonna go get some comic books, some more spinning fiber, and the koolaid. Ta y'all.

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