Saturday, March 24, 2007

Dead Dino.

Here's the finished Dino. Yes, I know, he's totally freakish, but I ran out of green yarn, so he ended up with patches and seams all over the place. Of course it didn't help that the black yarn is only 2ply and the green is 3.
I Think I'll call him Frank, as in Frankenstein. Perhaps he'll use his zombie powers to attack Sassy and eat her brains.....oh yes Sassy looks so pleased with this idea.
I really do like this stuffed dino thing, so I've started another one in Hot Pink on sz3's instead of sz7's, and I also switched to left and right increases instead of the m1's that the patten calls for, witch should eliminate the stupid holes in the neck where the stuffing pokes out. By the way, do you know that bag of poly-fill is only 4$? I am so going to be churning out stuffed animals by the pound now....

And here's my spinning, one ounce of yellow fiber from the Fancy Tiger, for practice, and also to put a big flower on that baby sweater I'm working on. My spinning has gone from an uneven lumpy huge to a mostly even spin, although some parts are wicked thin, and I still have a lot of over spin.

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