Thursday, March 22, 2007

WIP's, UFO's, and Buffy- Oh my!

This is a post about all of my UFO's and projects the just haven't worked out. First up is my first ever project, the alien bag. The front was lovingly crafted from cheep leftover yarn, over a period of three days, followed by two months of frustration and boredom as I knitted the back and gussets. And then, for even more fun, I hand sewed a patchwork of leftover felt together, and lined the inside. After that, I had even more fun sewing in a zipper! After all was said and done, I just hated the shape of the bag, because it was too hard to get to stuff inside. So now it lives on my windowsill as a cat bed. Sassy sure dose love it.
Next up is the Pumpkin bag. This was a random project, just something to let me breath after I ripped out another sweater. It's purpose in life is to hold yarn balls when it's clipped on to my belt with the carbine. It works alright, but I ran out of scrap yarn, and had to bind it off earlier than I wanted is it's kinda small. However, I really love the random design that I put in, it reminds me of Native Pottery. Here is a WIP, a patch work afghan. It will be made up of just random squares that have 2 sides. In this picture we have all the Buffy themed ones because I am a huge dork. At the top is the Buffy "B", below that is Faith's tattoo, and on the right is the logo for Angel Investigations. Below that is some more love for Joss Whedon, it's some Chinese from his beloved show, Firefly. It says "stylish clothing". Originally I was going to knit it down the left shoulder of a sweater, and this was the test run to see how all the characters came out. This here is the front and back of a baby sweater for my cousin. It's what I'm working on right now, and the sleeves are taking me for-fraking ever!
Here are some gloves that I made back when my hands were freezing this winter. The yarn is really cheep, so they feel kind of icky, and one of the finger holes is bigger than the other for some reason. I must have reworked the last 2in of these like 5 times before I gave up.

Just so everyone knows what I mean when I say that I have cheep stash yarn, and lots of it, here is a Picture of my said stash. I got most of it at a yard sale this summer, for 7$ along with 2 bags, and a pair of sz19's. I like having the all this crap because when i want to experiment with cables or pictures, I have all this to work with. Then when I really want some thing, I actually go out and buy good yarn, and I don't have to rip it up so much. also, it will evolve slowly into my afghan.

And finally, here's Sassy looking angry that I took her Photo.....

funny kitty.....

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